Meeting Notes from April 16, 2020
Our second ZOOM meeting was on April 16.  President Bob Flautt opened the meeting at 6 pm with about 40 members attending.  Our guest speaker was Mayor Sarah Aquino who talked about the city's response to the coronavirus pandemic.  
Meeting Notes from April 30, 2020
Our third  ZOOM meeting was on April 16.  President Bob Flautt opened the meeting at 6 pm with about 40 members attending.  President Bob talked about the PPE Mask project headed up by Adrian Blanco.  Gold Country media wrote an article about our project which can be viewed at PPE Mask project.  Below is the delivery of masks to the Folsom Fire Department.
Front Steve Brozosky and Bob Flautt; Back Adrian Blanco and Fire Chief Felipe Rodriguez 
Justin Raithel talked about the Rotary Club volunteering to collect donations for the Twin Lakes Food Bank on Wednesday, May 6.
• STOP: At 909 Mormon St with food already placed in your vehicle's trunk.
• POP: Pop-open the vehicle’s trunk so a volunteer can take the donated items – no need to get out of your car!
• GO: Once the items are removed, proceed on your way with our gratitude.

Top items needed:
• Canned tuna and chicken
• Soup
• Canned ravioli and chili
• Tomato products
• Pasta sauce
• Cereal and oatmeal
• Peanut butter
• Pasta
• Canned fruit and vegetables
• Nutrition supplement drinks (Ensure)
Steve Sprague shared some quarantine nuggets.
District Governor Ray Ward said that our meeting was his fifth ZOOM meeting of the day.  He talked about district awards that are designed to have fun.  Information about the awards for individuals and clubs are on the district website at  Submission forms will be available soon.  There are plans for a Rotary International Virtual Convention from May 20 to 26 since the convention in Honolulu was canceled.  For district information, be sure to read the Parrot Mail which you should be receiving from the district. 
Next month, our ZOOM meetings will be on May 14 and May 28.  Nominations will be open for Folsom Rotary Board Trustees on the 14 and the vote will be on the 28th.
Big Day of Giving
Now, more than ever before, we have the opportunity to do something truly BIG to help our community. Please consider participating in Big Day of Giving on May 7th!
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May Birthdays and Anniversaries
Happy Birthday to the following members:
  • Paul Bonaventure - May 8
  • Al Stehli - May 8
  • Scott Bailey - May 21
  • Rich Pepin - May 21
  • Don Reid - May 25
Happy Anniversary to the following couples:
  • Conni and Chuck Thompson - May 6 - 19 years
  • Jim and Christine Karnis - May 6 - 15 years
  • Henry and Jeannie Sundermier - May 25 - 46 years
  • Patrick and Nora Maxfield - May 27 - 36 years
  • Chuck Thurman and Mary Tomich - May 30 - 28 years
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