Posted by Frank Woods on Feb 27, 2018

At the Rotary Club of Folsom meeting on February 22, 14 teachers from Folsom schools received grants totaling $5,155.  The amount of each grant ranged from $191 to $500.  Bob Mange introduced each teacher who was at the meeting and presented the checks.  Upon receiving the checks, each teacher explained his/her project.

Left to right - Tamara Sutton, Dale Waldo, Jessica Vota, Michelle MacDonald, Glenda Hartman, Melanie Roehrs, Kim Smith, Kari Bjork, Brian Schaubmayer,
Liz England, Lisa Johnson, and Kerry O'Reilly. 
Absent: Megan Arnaldo and Tyler Johnstone
The teachers who received grants this year and their projects were:
  • Kim Smith, First Grade, Blanche Sprentz, $500 for Leveled Books (Scholastic)
  • Michelle MacDonald, Fifth Grade, Russell Ranch, $191 for "Throw Your Voice (Qball)
  • Glenda Hartman, Third Grade, Carl Sundahl, $400 for STEM science supplies
  • Jessica Vota, First Grade, Empire Oaks, $320 for Numbers Talk - lesson program (team request)
  • Melanie Roehrs, First Grade, Empire Oaks, with Jessica Vota
  • Liz England, Sutter Middle School, $500 for P.E. equipment
  • Brian Schaubmayer, Vista del Lago High School, $325 for green screen lighting
  • Megan Arnaldo, Vista del Lago High School, $500 for Adapted Readers Online Library
  • Lisa Johnson, Vista del Lago High School, $221.31 for sports medicine lab (body fat % age analysis)
  • Tyler Johnstone, Folsom High School, $498 for soap box derby cars
  • Kerry O'Reilly, Kindergarten, Oak Chan, $250 for stories on tablets
  • Kari Bjork, Second Grade, Folsom Hills, $499.19 for Watching Cody Come Alive
  • Tamara Sutton, Intervention Specialist, Gold Ridge, $450 for math fluency (Shut the Box)
  • Dale Waldo, Folsom Middle School, $500 for work tables

The teacher grant program started 19 years ago.  Each year, the club has sent out applications to all Folsom schools encouraging teachers to apply for up to a $500 grant to fund a project, purchase materials, and/or equipment for their class or classes.  Up until three years ago, the maximum amount for an individual grant was $250.


To date, including this year's grants, Folsom Rotary has provided over 260 teachers with grants totaling over $75,000.  This year there were 22 applicants from 11 schools.  13 grants were awarded to 14 teachers (one grant was a team request from two teachers).