Posted by Frank Woods on Feb 10, 2019

At the Rotary Club of Folsom meeting on February 7, 13 teachers from Folsom schools received grants ranging from $150 to $500.  Bob Mange introduced each teacher who was at the meeting and presented the checks.  Sonny Da Marto, Club Service Director for Rotary Club of Folsom Lake, handed the checks to each teacher. The teachers then told us their grade level and a little about what they were doing with the grant.

Back Row left to right - Bob Mange, Rick Berry, Sheila Lauck, Jill DeMarce, Natalie Marhauer,  Lindsay Anderson, Dianna Peterson, Kristin Ross, and Chris Jones.
Front Row left to right - Kristine Baciocco, Jean Girard, Rob Fergusson, Pam Goldman, and Sonny Da Marto.  
This year, the Rotary Club of Folsom worked with the Rotary Club of Folsom Lake on the Teacher Grant Program.  Nineteen teachers received a total of $7,534 from the two clubs.  The Rotary Club of Folsom Lake went to the teacher's classrooms and presented the teacher's check in front of his/her class.   
The teachers who received grants this year from the Rotary Club of Folsom and their projects were:
  • Kathy Mefford - Natoma Station Elementary, $151, Waves: Sound and Light
  • Kristen Ross - Russell Ranch Elementary, $500, IPad learning
  • Lindsay Anderson, Russell Ranch Elementary, $464, IPad
  • Natalie Marhauer, Carl Sundahl Elementary, $440, Ancient Artifacts (presentation)
  • Jill DeMarce, Oak Chan Elementary, $200, Floor Rug
  • Dianna Peterson, Sutter Middle, $350, Rock'n Beautification (Art)
  • Chris Jones, Sutter Middle, $495, Jump Rope Into Action
  • Lisa Moore, Vista del Lago High, $450, Circuit Building
  • Andrew Bias, Folsom High, $419, Introduction to Welding
  • Kristine Baciocco, Folsom Hills Elementary,  $453, 12 Ozobots Robots (STEAM)
  • Robert Fergusson, Gold Ridge Elementary, $150, Owl Pellet Dissection
  • Rick Berry, Theodore Judah Elementary, $463, Computer Programming (Fun with Sphero)
  • Heidi Bonnett, Theodore Judah Elementary, $500, Tennis Nets (P.E.)

The teacher grant program started 22 years ago.  Each year, the club has sent out applications to all Folsom schools encouraging teachers to apply for up to a $500 grant to fund a project, purchase materials, and/or equipment for their class or classes.  Up until four years ago, the maximum amount for an individual grant was $250.


To date, including this year's grants, Folsom Rotary has provided over 300 teachers with grants totaling over $80,000.  This year there were 30 applicants from 13 schools.  19 grants were awarded by the two clubs.