The installation of All Access Equipment at Lembi Park was the Community Service Day project for the Rotary Club of Folsom although it took several days to complete.
The project started with Bob Blackwell excavating and grading the site and offloading the exercise equipment from the delivery truck.  John Messner surveyed and helped layout the site.  John, Chuck Thurman, Rich Rider, and Tim Hughes installed the forms before the first large work party.
The first work party was rebar installation on Saturday, September 18 (Community Service Day) and some of the crew worked Sunday morning to finish it.  The second work party was pouring the concrete pad.  A friend of the club, Steve Pektovich, and some of his colleagues did professional concrete pouring and finishing.  They were happy to help and one of them came down from pouring overnight at the Tesla Plant in Reno to volunteer his time to work on our project.
The third work party was equipment installation.  Chuck Thurman and Justin Raithel finished the project by tightening up bolts and installing protective covers which made it fully useable for the public.  
The total project cost came in on budget at $30K.  The club received a $5K grant from Rotary District 5180/Rotary Foundation and a $5K grant from Folsom's Community Service Day.  The remaining $20K was contributed by the Folsom Rotary Foundation/Rotary Club of Folsom.