At our regular meeting on Thursday, June 24, 2016, the Folsom Rotary Clubhouse was renamed the Robert H. Miller III Rotary Clubhouse.  Over 110 people attended the dedication including former Rotarians, spouses, members of Bob's family, Bob and Candy's high school friends, Chamber of Commerce members, and City of Folsom officials. 
Boy Scouts from Troop 94 presented the colors and Rotarian Jack James sang the National Anthem.  Rotarian Bob Mange gave the Invocation.  When the meeting re-convened after dinner, Secretary Dave Boldt went to each table for introductions of guests.
Rotarian Ramesh Dontha exchanged club flags with Mr. Murugan, a visiting Rotarian from the Rotary Club of Coimbature Galaxy, India.
President Joe Gagliardi opened the dedication with a background on re-naming the clubhouse the Robert H. Miller III Rotary Clubhouse.  He thanked Mayor Steve Miklos, Vice Mayor Jeff Starsky, Council Member Andy Morin, and Council Member Kerri Howell for supporting the name change.  He also thanked Rotarians Rob Ross (Chair of the Parks and Recreation Commission) and Marko Mlikotin (Park Commissioner) for bringing the name change forward. 
Each of the Folsom Council Members talked about Bob, followed by Candy Miller who thanked the club and city council for honoring Bob.  President Joe then invited us to go outside for the unveiling of the sign and a group photo.
Bob joined the Rotary Club of Folsom in 1986 as a transfer from the Rotary Club of Richmond.  He was a third generation Rotarian.  Bob was treasurer of the club from 1993-1995 and served as President in 1997-1998.  Bob was known for his President's Messages in the Bullegraph as he often took over a full page and sometimes 2 pages.  In January 1998, we moved into the new Folsom Rotary Clubhouse.  His board instituted the four year scholarship and the club applied lots of labor on the History Museum Storage building to make sure it was rain proof.  One of his meetings reached a record 97% attendance and the club was 100% Paul Harris Sustaining Membership.
Bob held other club offices and was known as "Mr. Rotary" by many club presidents as he was mentor to many of them.  He was District Community Service director in 2003 and received the Rotary International Four Avenue of Services Citation in 2003.  He was a Multiple Paul Harris Fellow.  Bob passed away in 2011.
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