On Saturday, September 19, the Rotary Club of Folsom installed a third shade structure in the dog park at the Cummings Family Park.  We were one of 26 projects for Folsom Community Service Day.  Photo is the completed structure with Justin Raithel, Community Service Director.
Work began on this project on Saturday, September 12, with a work party at Justin's home.  Folsom Rotarians cut lumber, drilled holes, and painted to be ready for construction on the 19th.  Additional work parties were held on Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday prior to the construction on the 19th.
The structure was constructed on a concrete slab that had been installed by the city; construction was completed in about 5 1/2 hours.  The project was led by Construction Foreman Dan Nitz and Justin.  The Rotarians who were there included Dave Doherty, Chris McGann, Paul Bonaventure, Bob Quinlan, Garry Parlier, Robert Comper, Chuck Thompson, Doug Zezoff, Bill Hutto, Ramesh Dontha, Toby Macgarian, Henry Sundermier, and Greg Patton.  Bob Qunilan's friend Sherry Johnson and Marty Crealock, Chuck Thompson's brother-in-law were also there to help.  Frank Woods was there to take photos.  To view photos of the construction from start to finish, go to the Photo Album Shade Structure.