On Wednesday, November 11, several thousand spectators gathered in the city of Folsom to pay tribute to veterans and active members in military service.  
The three Rotary Clubs of Folsom joined forces with their families to march or ride on a float (especially little offspring of the Rotary Club of Folsom Lake, led by club President Kristi More, with their small, yellow vests that read, "Rotarian in Training") or ride in classic cars (including a WWII Jeep, thanks to Dennis Deck) or ride three Segways.  Thanks goes to Rob Ross for the Segways and two banners listing the four branches of the military and the Folsom Rotarians that served in each service.  Overhead, there were two flybys, one of three bi-planes and one of two F-15s.  Small American flags and candies were given to spectators -- especially the young and veterans.
The 2-mile route finished at the Folsom Community Center, at which the city provided hot dogs, potato chips and sodas for participants. "A good time was had by all!"  Don Reid was kind enough to deliver two bags of candy of friends' Halloween leftovers.  If we coordinate it next year, we could save the club $100 from buying candy.  Next year, I (Bob) will send out an email reminder to bring leftover Halloween candy to our clubs for collection.
To view more photographs of the parade, go to Veterans Day Parade.