On Saturday, December 17, 16 members of the Rotary Club of Folsom joined 44 other Folsom volunteers and planted trees along the new Lake Natoma trail between the Lake Natoma Crossing Bridge and the Rainbow Bridge.  The trail is still under construction and should open sometime next spring.
Photo of the trail from Lake Natoma Bridge Crossing.
Paul Bonaventure and John Abernethy in back, Ken Stuart and John Messner in front.
The 16 members of the club who participated in planting trees were John Abernethy, John Messner, Doug Burton, Robert Comper, Dave Doherty, Ramesh Dontha, Bill Hutto, John Leung, Toby Magarian, Tom Parker, Justin Raithel, Rao Rapeta, Ken Stuart, Vicki Warner, Amber Wheat, and Paul Bonaventure.  Although the city had dug the holes for the trees, the holes had to be cleaned out due to recent rains.  Also, due to recent rains, the area was quite muddy. 
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